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Goodyear West Phoenix is pet friendly, and many of the restaurants, bars, shops and hotels in the area are pet friendly. Goodyear East Phoenix, Arizona's largest and most popular restaurant and bar chain, is more pet friendly.

For an additional fee of $25 per pet per night, two pets over 50 lbs are welcome, and five pets of any size are welcome for $100 per stay. The suites at Hilton Glendale Westgate welcome two pets over 100 lbs for an additional $75 / stay, plus a pet of all sizes for an additional $50 / night. The hotel welcomes five pets at no extra charge for 100% of the stay and two pet sizes.

The Place Hotel Phoenix West in Avondale welcomes two pets over 80 lbs for an additional fee of $10 per pet per night. The Best Western InnSuites Hotel in Phoenix offers two pets over 70 lbs and five pets of any size for $50 / night and one pet of all sizes for 100% of the stay. Two pets are welcome over 75 lbs, for an additional charge of $25 / pet for a 50% pet stay and two pet sizes. The best Western Inn Suites in Glendale Westgate, the best Westside hotel, welcomes three pets of the same size as the hotel for $30 / day for 75 - 100 lbs.

The Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria welcomes two dogs of any size for $30 / day for 75 - 100 lbs and a pet of all sizes for 100% of the stay. The Best Phoenix NW offers two pets over 80 lbs for an additional $10 per pet per night for a 50% pet stay. The hotel allows two pet sizes at the same rate as other hotels.

Pet Policy The pet policy is set by the individual owner of the Vrbo property. Please contact the owner and read the pet policy for more information.

An existing license requires a liquor license application, and the El Mirage City Council opposes the permit. The state liquor board conducts hearings on license applications, and if it refuses a license, that rule does not apply to applicants who withdraw the application after formal rejection.

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We recommend you call your local AA intergroup for more information or navigate to AA.org to set up a meeting near you, but not the time you are looking for. Event formats may vary and we recommend visiting nearby cities such as El Mirage, Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson and other nearby cities. A list of AA meetings in your area can also be found on the AA website.

Located in the southeast corner of Phoenix, this trail is a popular destination for walkers, cyclists and visitors to El Mirage. A side street along Litchfield Road connects two of the city's most popular shopping and dining destinations. The Cyrenian Canal Trail runs along the Cyrenian Canal and offers access to a variety of shops, restaurants, parks and leisure facilities. This short walk leads through the heart of historic downtown Phoenix, from downtown to the Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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The mirage was one of three casinos that Danny Ocean and his crew robbed in the 2001 version of the film Ocean's Eleven. Wynn acquired the rights to the Mirage name in 1988 to avoid confusion, but initially considered renaming the resort Bombay Club (the project's working name was "Bombay Club"). In 2015, MGM Resorts International announced it was transferring Mirage and other properties to a real estate investment fund.

Cirque du Soleil is affiliated with the Light Group, which operates the nightclubs. In 1993, the Mirage hosted a Cirque du Soleil show, "Nouvelle Experience," in a tent in its parking lot. Goose took over the marquee in 2010 and became the resort's main entertainment venue (he had previously performed at the Rio Hotel and Casino).

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More About Elmirage