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Tempe, AZ - Arizona Premier DJ is an elite DJ service that is suitable for any event, and Mirage Sound is tailored to your music, not your DJ.

Scottsdale, AZ - Living Energy provides design, talent management, and production services for social and business events of any size. A professional DJ and entertainment company that has served the Phoenix area since 2005.

Our network of franchisees operates from coast to coast and from border to border, ensuring that you get the information and savings you need. Each city planner franchisee sets their own times and works to provide valuable service to homeowners and local businesses in the area.

Interaction with other organizations requires the exercise of participatory management skills that support team efforts and quality processes. There are suitable links to adapt the service levels to the organisational requirements of the individual departments. This work requires a wide range of skills to manage and monitor the performance of departments and larger departments, including the assessment of program and work objectives and effectiveness, the definition of broader organizational goals and the reorientation of work assignments within departments. Interaction with others within the organization requires the exercise of management skills that support teamwork, quality and process.

To learn more about becoming a town planner or franchise owner, please visit our Franchise Information page. This job description is not intended as a complete description of the duties, responsibilities or qualifications associated with the job. The following definitions may apply in contexts that clearly indicate or require different meanings.

Permits are issued by the fire chief or the officer responsible for the performance of a supervised public display of fireworks. Spectators must remain behind barricades, where they have an excellent and safe view of the area of operation. Be prepared to create a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, detonation or detonation, whether or not it is a firework within the meaning of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code. For sale of fireworks as defined in the regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Park Service (NPS) or the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), where the use of these objects is even prohibited.

Drivers and crew members may only take off after signing an insurance form and before the fireworks display begins.

Every month we will award local photographers who submit new photos from a nearby location. If you would like to add your own home photos to the calendar, please contact your local publisher.

This event is a great opportunity to meet family and friends for the excitement that Land Speed Racing always brings. There are usually grocers and the SCTA sells trailers and racing goods. The complex also hosts one of the best racing events in Arizona, the Phoenix Grand Prix.

If you are looking for a more relaxed day, rent a boat at one of the many docks at the marina and enjoy an exciting day. Come to the beer garden, which serves 2 beers and 3 margaritas, or visit your loved ones for an evening in the sun on the beach.

You spend most of your time in a typical office environment, but one that can respond to emergencies, on the job site or outside of field operations. Volunteer time and energy for sport or volunteers who are involved in one of our events.

The purpose of this position is to plan and manage all activities related to the El Mirage Fire Department. The current configuration of the fire brigade is based on three shifts, which work according to 48 / 96 shift plan and use two rescue engines with two certified paramedics, an engineer and a captain. This is achieved by ensuring effective professional leadership and ensuring that the fire service meets the current and future needs of the community with appropriate technology and services. Guide and direct the City Manager in the management of the following city departments: Fire Department, Police, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and Public Safety. Read more about the duties, responsibilities and responsibilities of the fire chief and other positions in the department.

The chief of the El Mirage Fire Department for Public Safety and Fire Operations and the city manager of the Public Works Department.

El Mirage offers seven special events each year, which always offer a wide variety of entertainment, food, entertainment and fun for the whole family. This year, SCTA celebrates its 25th anniversary with a special event on Saturday, June 17, at the El Mirage Convention Center.

Car checks begin the day before the race on Saturday, with races starting early on Sunday morning. The race information for the event will be announced over loudspeakers and broadcast on VHF 88, which will be heard by spectators across the lake. There is an open - wheel - to - race track with a total length of 1,000 feet and a 1.5 mile track.

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More About Elmirage